Orissa Malayalam Movie Review

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Orissa Malayalam Movie Review


Orissa is a new Malayalam  movie directed by M. Padmakumar, Produced by Madhavan Chattikal under the banner of Heera Creations. Unni Mukundan and Sanika Nambiar acted as the leading characters of this  movie. Orissa got released in all major theaters of Kerala on May 17, 2013. You can read the Orissa Malayalam Movie Review on this  page.

Orissa Malayalam Movie Review

Orissa Movie Unnimukundan

 Orissa movie tells us a story based in Orissa(Odisha), the movie tells us about the sociopolitical system and anarchy existed in Orissa about 50 years ago, and a divine love story between Suneki(Sanika) and Christudas(Unni Mukundan).

Unnimukundan plays  the role of a malayali police officer who works in Orissa Police whose name is Christudas. Nanika plays the  role of a Odisha girl ‘Suneyi’ who is going to be the victim of the landlord rule existed in their village. Christudas is an officer who is appointed to protect the girl from  the land lord, who is also a criminal. Suneki and Christudas fells in love with each other during the time span of one month they spend together.  Then the story goes through the struggle which Suneyi and Christu faces while fighting against the sociopolitical system and the anarchy.

Orissa Movie Villan

The movie screenplay, BGM, songs and camera works were really brilliant. As actors, Unnimukundan and Sanika did a really good job with their characters.  Other like Swasika, Kaniha, Nigel Akkara, Heera Madhav did a good job with their characters.

The movie is almost 50% Odisha language, Its sometimes disturbed the viewers, also the movie seems to be lagging at some parts. It is not a movie made for viewers who are visiting the theaters to enjoy the time being spent in the theater.

I’m giving the same rating which is given for the movie ‘Neram‘, Though both the movies are of entirely different genre.

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Title: Orissa Malayalam Movie Review
Reviewed by Hafis on May 18
Rating: 3.0
Summary: Story of a divine love story of an Orissa girl and a malayali police officer.
Description: Orissa is a new Malayalam movie directed by M. Padmakumar. Unni Mukundan and Sanika Nabiar plays in the leading role. The movie is about a divine love story between an Orissa girl and a malayali police officer.

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